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I Was Misdiagnosed With An Allergy And Panic Attacks Until An X-Ray Finally Revealed The Real Problem

Earlier this year, at age 34, I experienced what I self-diagnosed to be an allergic reaction. I wasn't the only one to diagnose it as an allergic reaction—doctors did, too. It took thousands of dollars, multiple office visits, and a number of tests to ultimately determine what was really wrong.

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I Stopped Wearing My Fitness Tracker And This Is What Happened ...

We all know the myriad benefits of wearing a fitness tracker—like motivation, weight loss, and a connection to a community of like-minded healthy people. But what happens when you stop wearing it?

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This Is What It's Like To Be Allergic To Sunlight

Molly,* 44 was diagnosed with a sunlight allergy, called polymorphous light eruption (PLME), when she was a young girl. This is what it's like to have to take precautions every time she steps outside.

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I Survived Two Dangerous Blood Clots

This experience has truly taught me the importance of listening to my intuition.

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I Went Gluten-Free...And Felt No Different

After Olivia* suffered debilitating ailments for years, her doctor recommended she go gluten-free for relief. This is what it's like when the cure-all diet fails.

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I'm In A Polyamorous Relationship

Lindsay met Sean, her husband of twelve years, when she was 23 years old. He was working at a coffee shop and they instantly hit it off. And then, after a few months of dating, she fell in love with someone else.

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"I Got Divorced—And Then Remarried My Ex"

Many of us have gotten back together with someone after breaking up. Some of us have had years and years of an on-and-off-again relationship. Less likely, though, are the odds of giving your marriage another chance after going through the process of getting a divorce.

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Doctors Told Me My Uterine Cancer Was Menopause

When Sharon Rae North started having irregular cycles with spotting, she assumed that it was menopause, and her doctor agreed. But when her symptoms persisted, she couldn't ignore a nagging feeling that something just wasn't right. This is her story.

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This Is What It's Like To Be An Emotional Eater

"After my binges I would sit on my couch and just obsess about them. I wanted to just keep eating and I couldn't resist."

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My Sister Would Still Be Alive If She Hadn't Ignored Her Symptoms

But it's easy to see why she looked the other way.